Winterschlaf is my debut solo album release. You can find it HERE.


What is the sound of falling in love?
What is the sound of diving into your dream???
What is the sound of 1000 winged underpants that rise into the night sky followed by a 60's guitarsolo?

In September 2014 I read the semi-biographical book "Herzog on Herzog". The whole book is a long interview with one of my favourite filmmakers, Werner Herzog.
The book inspired me tremendously. Influenced by Herzog's kamikaze-style approach to filmmaking in his early years, I decided: I will record and release my first album and play ALL the instruments myself. The whole album shall be a creative outburst with no looking back, no self-censorship.
I started writing songs and immidiatly recorded them, dubbing various instruments.
The album was recorded during winter 2014/2015, hence the name "Winterschlaf". I wanted the album to reflect the feeling of going through a very very long dream filled with unforeseen, bizarre and beautiful events, where perceived reality and fiction merge seamlessly.

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