onsdag den 1. februar 2017


OMG! In April 2016 the ferocious duo URAÑO and my duo with Szymon Pimpon, I LOVE MY MOTHER joined forces in a legendary performance at Mayhem, Copenhagen

well it went something like that. Now, after extensive planning, recording, disagreeing on everything // agreeing occasionally we are embarking on our first EUROPE TOUR! This is just too exciting and I feel so priveledged to be driving around in an old VW bus with these guys eating trashy food and playing our beautiful music!
Hoooope to see you out there!

Oh and please come see us in OSLO and in COPENHAGEN where we are organizing events ourselves and have invited some killer bands and performers to share the eve with us!
We also made this hot hot video check it out:

AND our debut album is on bandcamp. It's 100% selfmade, mastered on my beloved cassette deck! ENjoy!



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